Saturday, August 14, 2004

An odd blogger

Finally, here I am with my first blog.

What a journey for a mainframer programmer from the early 70's (360 Assembler if anyone still knows what that is) through PCs and laptops to being a technical rookie once more. Life is learning! I have spent the last two hours trying to figure out how to upload a photo and yes it's easy - once you know how. For some us - show us a way to make it difficult and we will take it!

This blog is for musings and now and again a call to action. We live in interesting times - a blessing, not a curse - and yet we so rarely take the time to think, talk, share and create ideas together. I hope that as this blog takes form, we can hang out together and confront some big ideas.

The outcomes of learning are unpredictable as each of us makes meaning from our own unique perspective. Lets shake up our dusty assumptions of what has to be and take a positive step towards a desirable future.


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