Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Melcrum's Top Six for the business focused HR

In order to help organizations compete in today's business environment HR must simultaneously deliver service excellence, business partnering and strategic services such as organizational design and development. Taken from the November/December 2004 issue of Strategic HR Review, here are the Corporate Research Forum's six characteristics of a business-focused HR function:

1. A strong focus on fulfilling business strategy, grounded in sound business understanding.
2. Objective performance measures tied to business goals.
3. High competence in cause-and-effect analysis, prioritization, and program execution.
4. Transactional service excellence and competence to successfully leverage technology.
5. Organization design and development capabilities. These skills are vital to create the environment for high performance - create an organization structure which is effective at dealing with complexity and build a culture which supports learning, development, respect and mutual responsibility.
6. Outstanding relationship management.

Source: Strategic HR Review Vol 4. Issue 1, November/December 2004
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