Sunday, September 26, 2004

Appreciative Inquiry Workshop, Vancouver

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Focus on the best with Appreciative Inquiry

Meaningful participation leads to a sense of involvement that evokes a feeling of influence that generates psychological ownership that results in COMMITMENT" John Jones

Through millions of interviews, the Gallup Organization discovered that workgroups that exhibited the highest levels of employee engagement were more likely to have above-average employee retention, customer loyalty, safety records, productivity and profitability. Committed, involved people will let you know what they want. Better than that, they will be personally involved in creating it.

Which is where Appreciative Inquiry comes in.

More than a methodology, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a powerful, practical and proven tool that empowers the imagination and generates innovation, creativity, participation and commitment. AI engages people in creating and sustaining transformational change by using the power of positive questions to draw on their peak experiences and shift the focus and energy to the strengths and possibilities in your organization. The five stage AI process (define, discover, dream, design, destiny) leads participants to uncover their vision and take action to create it.

Organizations are using AI to build capacity, change culture, maximize operations and deliver to the bottom lines. They use it to shape strategic alliances and corporate turnarounds and apply it to common internal practices such as strategic planning, performance management, process improvement and team development.

Join us on October 18 & 19 2004
at Hamersley House, North Vancouver for an informative, reflective and challenging two days

In two full and highly participatory days in the beautiful setting of a late Victorian mansion, attendees will explore the AI process, and identify and discuss the benefits and challenges. By the end of the workshop, they will have a clear understanding of what is needed to design and conduct an Appreciative Inquiry and how applying an AI approach to common organizational practices can get better results.

Although we pack 21 hours of workshop time into just two days the environment and attentive care keep us relaxed, energized and fully engaged. Come to the Hamersley House workshop for knowledge, like-minded people and challenging, lively discussionsDetailed schedule and registration form at

or contact me with questions or to register


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